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Culebra - Getting Here
Part of the Culebra experience is getting to the island. It's not simple, but it's not hard and it's part of what gives the island its "off the beaten path" credentials.

When dealing with any of the travel vendors listed be sure to be persistant, and if they don't answer the phone call back in an hour or two. If they answer the phone in Spanish you can politely say "hablas ingles?" and they almost always will convert to English.

Sample flights next month
(round trip - San Juan)
JFK $278
LAX $363
STL $297
ORD (Chicago) $236
*Rates updated daily

Travel to Culebra

There are basically three ways to get to culebra.

  1. 1. Fly from San Juan directly for about $100 round trip
    • Air Flamenco
      • Isla Grande: 787-724-6464
      • Culebra: 787-742-1040
      • Ceiba: 787-534-4100
      • Vieques: 787-741-8811
    • Vieques Air Link
      • Culebra: 787-742-0254
      • Ceiba: 787-863-3020
  2. 2. Rent a car or take a cab to Ceiba and fly to Culebra.
    • If you have flown from Fajardo before, that airport is now closed. The replacement is in Ceiba, here is a good link describing how to get there: Ceiba Airport Info.
    • Get in any taxi/publico at the San Juan Airport, tell them to take you to the Ceiba Airport.
      • It's about $80 each way
      • If you have a large group (i.e. greater than 3) this is a good way to go
  3. 3. Rent a car or take a publico to Fajardo and take the ferry.
    • Tell the publico driver to take you to the Fajardo ferry dock.
    • Publicos will be waiting for the ferry when you come back from Culebra
    • Ferry numbers in Fajardo: (787) 863-0705, (787) 863-0852, (787) 860-8618
    • Ferry Schedule

Travel Facts

The ferry to Culebra costs less than $5 round trip

For two people traveling from San Juan it's almost always cheaper and easier to fly than to take a taxi to Fajardo

The Culebra airport is a surprisingly modern facility complete with baggage handlers and a coffee shop

Below are some numbers for car rentals on Culebra. Although a car's not a requirement at MangoTree it's nice to have - even for just one day of your stay
  • Carlos Jeep Rentals - 787-742-3514
  • Jerry's Jeeps - 787-742-0587
  • Dick and Cathy's (VW Things) - 787-237-6068